Family Owned Small Business

Here at Georgia Hemp Dawgs, we know the importance of family. As a small, 100%-family owned business, we strive to treat everyone like family.

We hope you'll enjoy the warm Southern feeling that our hemp products produce. We endeavor to welcome everyone to the CBD space, and work hard to provide excellent customer service.

You'll be sure to notice the Georgia Hemp Dawgs difference, we guarantee it!

Georgia Grown, 100% Indoor CBG/CBD Smokeable Flower

Here at our Georgia Hemp Dawgs, we use all natural practices to grow the best quality flower possible.

Our mission is to provide an alternative, natural way of healing, without using industrialized pharmaceuticals.

We work hard to grow all-natural, top-quality flower by tightly controlling every aspect of each crop from start to finish.

Our cold storage drying and curing room is the perfect environment for producing top-notch flower.

Try our flower today, and you'll be sure to see a difference!

Top Shelf Quality Every Time

From seed to sale, we pamper our girls throughout the entire life cycle.

From low stress training, to feeding the precise diet of nutrients, water, and light to each and every plant, we treat our plants like princesses during vegetative and flowering.

When it comes time to harvest, we carefully trim and manicure every bud, which we rigorously cold dry to protect every last cannabinoid.

Finally, we do a minimum of a 4 week cure to ensure we preserve all of the trichomes and the plant's complex terpene profiles.

Certificates of Analysis

Are you trying to find our certificates of analysis (COAs)?

Never fear, you can find them right here.

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Wholesale Inquiries

Do you love our product so much that you want to sell it yourself?

Georgia Hemp Dawgs is proud to partner with licensed hemp retailers and processors.

If you'd like to buy in bulk, grower-to-grower, just get in touch with us and we'll be more than happy to get this started.

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